Woman stops robbery, assault on 14-year-old in southeast Seattle

A woman is speaking out after she stopped the robbery and assault of a 14-year-old boy early Sunday morning in Seattle’sShe said the teen was walking to a friend’s house in the residential area, when he was attacked and forced to hand over his phone. This follows similar attacks that have been happening for weeks in North Seattle.of teens being robbed, many times in broad daylight.

The young victim in the Mount Baker case was hit in the head multiple times before Eleanor stepped in. “It makes me incredibly concerned, who are we as a society when we can’t keep our kids safe?” said Eleanor, a Mount Baker resident who didn’t want her last name used for safety reasons.

She says she was in the right place at the right time to stop the brutal assault on the young teen off Lakewood Ave S on Sunday. “There was a kid walking down the street and three young guys had jumped out and took his phone and started beating him,” said Eleanor.”Screamed and had them stop, and gave some comfort to the victim, who was just 14-years old,” said Eleanor. “They beat him in the head and face, I witnessed seven to eight punches on the kids’ face and head. I spoke to his mother. He seems okay, but definitely traumatized. headtopics.com

Not far from the spot where the assault occurred, neighbors reported that a young man robbed a woman at gunpoint on the walking path near Lake Washington Blvd early Tuesday morning, near Mount Baker Beach.”There are always people walking, like every day, every time of the day,” said Agnese Dalpiaz, a frequent visitor to the beach area. “I will keep coming, just pay more attention.

“We are re-evaluating our home security system. We are talking to our own kids about what they can do to stay safe, just changing how we go about our daily lives,” said Eleanor. When it comes to keeping yourself or your kids safe while walking, Seattle Police have some suggestions:Don’t display valuable items (e.g., iPods, iPhones, cash), when walking to and from your destinationWrite down the make, model and serial # of the phone and keep that info in a safe place headtopics.com

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