Will Adonis and Doroka End up Together?

manga began serialization on April 5, 2019, in Mag Garden’s Monthly Comic Garden magazine, it has been all over the internet.

Up until October 2023, the dark fantasy Japanese manga series has had a total of nine tankōbon volumes available. In April 2020, Seven Seas Entertainment announced their acquisition of the series for English release. The manga features two main characters, Adonis and Doroka. While Adonis is a human boy, Doroka is a witch with powers she doesn’t like.Adonis and his love interest, Chloe, initially lived happily together after the latter found the protagonist on the streets.

Later, an unfazed Adonis met Doroka, who freed him from prison. Interestingly, her kind-hearted disposition offered to bring Chloe back to Adonis. All this while, the protagonist thought nothing of Doroka. However, when Eekhout killed Doroka, Adonis decided to revive her. Adonis’ heart softened for Doroka over time, especially after he had to encounter witches in a battle to protect her.if the relationship between Adonis and Doroka is considered so far, it is not portrayed to be a romantic one. headtopics.com

However, Adonis’ entire focus during the battle against the witches was to protect Doroka. Moreover, the latter always saw the good in him despite his coldness. Considering these facts,Even after the battle, Adonis continued to take care of Doroka. When she went blind, he sacrificed an eye to restore Doroka’s vision. Adonis even forgave Doroka for secretly using her love spell on him. The protagonist accepted it, realizing he valued her for bringing love and peace.is progressing on its own.

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