Viral list of worst date spots sparks backlash — Cheesecake Factory fans revolt

An Amber Alert outed my cheating boyfriend — I’ll never take him backI met my future husband when I called the cops on himDespite its delectable avocado egg rolls and traditional strawberry cheesecake, the popular chain eatery topped a contentious list of the worst first date spots that has sparked backlash online.“in defense” of the restaurant, touting its impressive selection of dishes, “fantastic” bread and hallmark cheesecake for dessert.

“It’s fancy without being fancy, it’s over the top but not gaudy, and it makes us normal people feel nice without paying the price of a typical white tablecloth restaurant.”showed a woman refusing to get out of her date’s car when he pulled up to a Cheesecake Factory earlier this month.

“Who takes someone that looks like this to a chain restaurant?” the woman, Monique Santos, said in the clip, which amassed over 8 million views.While it is unclear who penned the docket, they also denounced “any fast food chains,” alongside Buffalo Wild Wings, Wingstop, Red Lobster, IHOP, Denny’s, Starbucks or Waffle House.

More broadly, coffee, drinks or ice cream dates are off the table, as are nightclubs, bowling alleys, the movies, church, sports events and “somewhere that requires a long drive.” Going to their date’s house or attending a family function are also off limits, as is hitting the gym together, despite“I strongly disagree,” one critic commented on Instagram. “It ain’t about where they take you it’s bout the vibe and conversation and if you’re enjoying your time with that person.”Fellow restaurant chains, however, rejoiced when they didn’t make the cut.“So you’re telling us there’s a chance,” 7-Eleven chimed in.

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