Trump asks a court to prevent Michigan secretary of state from leaving his name off the 2024 ballot

. In a filing made Monday in the Michigan Court of Claims, Trump’s attorneys also want the court to declare that Benson has neither the duty nor authority to assess Trump’s constitutional qualifications to serve as president. Trump’s filing is in response to efforts by activists in Michigan who have asked a judge to order Benson to keep his name off any ballot for president. They point to a section of the U.S.

Lawyers representing six Republican and unaffiliated Colorado voters argue that Trump’s violent rhetoric preceding the attack makes him culpable. A hearing also is scheduled this week before the Minnesota Supreme Court. Monday’s Michigan filing by Trump called the events of Jan. 6, 2021 “a riot.” “They were not an ‘insurrection’ for purposes of section three of the Fourteenth Amendment,” Trump’s lawyers wrote. ‘They did not amount to levying war against the United States.

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