The terror threat is reaching levels we have not seen since the rise of ISIS

Sean Hannity sounds the alarm on possible terrorists entering America through the Biden administration’s wide open borders on ‘Hannity.’ SEAN HANNITY: We begin with a devastating reality in America, the land we love, our homeland. It is not safe. It is not secure. Now the terror threat is reaching levels we have not seen since the rise of ISIS post-9-11. The terror threat to our homeland is now reaching levels not seen since that point.

And right here in our home on American streets, radicals proudly cheering for the terrorist group Hamas, calling for the destruction of Israel by any means necessary. Others are ripping down posters of missing children taken by, taken hostage by Hamas. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP Some are vandalizing Jewish businesses with swastikas and other bigoted graffiti and sadly, threats of violence, murder, rape against Jewish people are widespread right here in our country and worldwide.

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