The Biden administration must put Iran in the crosshairs

Iran has now launched at least 27 attacks on American bases in the Middle East over the past three weeks.US forces attacked by Iran proxies 27 times in two weeks: PentagonIsrael’s UN ambassador wears Nazi-era yellow star in protest, compares Hamas to SS death squad

Houthi rebels launched missiles from Yemen toward Israel that the USS Carney intercepted over the Red Sea. A significant number of US servicemen and -women are stationed throughout the Mideast and Eastern Mediterranean.

And it dispatched Terminal High Altitude Area Defense integrated missile-defense systems to Israel to provide an additional layer of air defense against short- and intermediate-range ballistic missiles.

Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei is counting on the president remaining in a static defensive mode out of a fear of escalation — the same “escalation paralysis” that gripped Biden in Ukraine.He and his administration can no longer wait to act and allow US forces to see the military equivalent of 9/11 in the Mediterranean and/or around the region. Passive defense will not deter Khamenei and his Revolutionary Guards.

They must add, as the Pentagon defines it, “employment of limited offensive actions and counterattacks to deny a contested area or position to the enemy.”

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