Tucker Carlson mató a un dragón Home Media – Orange County Register

Se ha escrito y dicho mucho sobre la entrevista de Tucker Carlson con el presidente ruso Vladimir Putin la semana pasada. Al momento de escribir este artículo, el video ha sido visto solo en Twitter casi 200 millones de veces, lo que lo convierte probablemente en el evento noticioso más visto de la historia. Varios … Read more

Las nuevas regulaciones bancarias perjudicarán más a las pequeñas empresas y a los prestatarios de clase media – Orange County Register

La rápida sucesión de quiebras bancarias la primavera pasada claramente asustó a los reguladores federales: la Corporación Federal de Seguro de Depósitos, la Reserva Federal y los depositantes bancarios. La mala toma de decisiones en Silicon Valley Bank, Signature Bank y First Republic Bank llevó a los reguladores a implementar medidas de emergencia para salvar … Read more

The award show’s most talked-about social media moments – Orange County Register

The 75th Primetime Emmy Awards aired Monday night on Fox. The big anniversary broadcast, which had been delayed by last year’s strikes, reunited the casts of various beloved television shows such as “Cheers,” “Ally McBeal” and “Martin” to offer some fun moments before presenting awards. It also featured major wins for “The Bear,” “Succession” and … Read more

La Navidad es una media llena de ansiedad – Orange County Register

Escrito por Sean Tompany Columnista del Globo de Laguna Woods Pasé la semana de Acción de Gracias en Dallas y me sorprendió ver las decoraciones navideñas que ya adornaban los patios delanteros con estatuas inflables de Papá Noel, muñecos de nieve inflables e incluso algún belén inflable ocasional. Esto último parece un poco sacrílego, pero … Read more

ND Republican Party’s executive director resigns after controversial social media posts resurface

Only a week into the job, the North Dakota Republican Party’s executive director has resigned after a media outlet publicized some of his social media posts that were demeaning toward women and dismissed concerns raised by Black people about racism. The party announced the resignation Monday of Dave Roetman, who previously worked for the South … Read more

Speaker Mike Johnson responds to liberal media attacks on his Christian faith: ‘Disgusting’

Newly elected Speaker of the House, Rep. Mike Johnson, R-La., responded to liberals and those in the media trashing him for his Christian faith Tuesday. Johnson, an Evangelical Christian who has proudly invoked his faith in God and claimed the Bible is his ‘worldview’ since being elected as the new Speaker, responded to MSNBC host … Read more

Indian deputy IT minister investigated over social media post after attack on Jehovah’s Witnesses

Homemade bombs exploded, killing three people and wounding 50 in the attack on Sunday that targeted a three-day event organised by the Christian-based religious movement a few miles northeast of the city of Kochi. More than 2,000 people were attending the convention in the state, where the Jehovah’s Witnesses have a strong presence. Police arrested … Read more

High court weighs whether officials may block critics on social media

The Supreme Court on Tuesday will consider a pair of cases involving the social media accounts of public officials, with First Amendment implications for how politicians interact with constituents who post critical comments. cautioned the justices against a broad ruling that would “transform communications in private spaces into official action.” In the first case, a … Read more

Eagles’ Kenneth Gainwell ‘made mistake’ with social media reply at halftime

Tim McManus covers the Philadelphia Eagles for ESPN. He joined ESPN in 2016 after covering the Eagles for Philadelphia Magazine’s Birds 24/7, a site he helped create, since 2010. You can follow him on Twitter @Tim_McManus.”knows he made a mistake” by responding to a negative comment on social media during halftime of Sunday’s game against … Read more

Supreme Court takes up social media cases similar to one about Trump Twitter feed

FILE – The Supreme Court is seen in Washington, Sept. 25, 2023. . The justices are hearing arguments in two cases Tuesday, Oct. 31, involving lawsuits filed by people who were blocked after leaving critical comments on social media accounts belonging to school board members in southern California and a city manager in Port Huron, … Read more