Los constructores del imperio estadounidense ponen sus miras en Siria, Irak, Ucrania y Gaza – The Orange County Register

“Porque sembraron vientos y cosecharán torbellinos”. —Oseas 8:7 La catástrofe de la ocupación estadounidense de Afganistán, que duró casi 20 años, continúa hoy en Estados Unidos bajo el gobierno de Joe Biden. Este desastre comenzó cuando el presidente George W. Bush convenció al pueblo estadounidense, al Congreso y a la mayoría de nuestros aliados de … Read more

Israel’s troops advance as diplomatic efforts aim to at least pause Gaza fighting

Israel’s ground troops were advancing toward Gaza City as diplomatic efforts intensified for at least a brief pause in the fighting in Gaza’s deadliest war. President Joe Biden suggested a humanitarian “pause” and U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken is expected back in the region on Friday. Arab countries, including those allied with the U.S. … Read more

Israel’s troops advance as diplomatic efforts aim to at least pause Gaza fighting

Palestinians arrive at Rafah, the border crossing between the Gaza Strip and Egypt, on Wednesday, Nov. 1, 2023. (AP Photo/Fatima Shbair)Israeli army tanks move towards the Gaza Strip border in southern Israel Wednesday, Nov.1, 2023. Israeli ground forces have been operating in Gaza in recent days as Israel presses ahead with its war against Hamas … Read more

Diplomatic efforts to pause fighting gain steam as Israeli ground troops push toward Gaza City

In just 25 days of war, more than 3,600 Palestinian children have been killed in Gaza. They were hit by airstrikes, smashed by rockets, burned by blasts and crushed by buildings. (AP Video/Abd Al Kareem Hana and Mohammed Jahjouh) (Production/Wafaa Shurafa)In just 25 days of war, more than 3,600 Palestinian children have been killed in … Read more

Second Israeli airstrike in two days pummels Gaza refugee camp, deepening a growing outcry

Hours later one of the few remaining hospitals serving the northern part of the coastal enclave announced its main generator had gone out of service, deepening fears for patients in intensive care. It also came as the first sanctioned exodus from the besieged enclave in weeks began, with injured Palestinians and hundreds of foreign nationals … Read more

Israel strikes Jabalya camp again; Americans expected to leave Gaza for Egypt

JERUSALEM — A group of foreign passport holders and injured Palestinians left Gaza for Egypt on Wednesday in the war’s first such passage to safety even as Israel carried out another deadly strike on the Jabalya refugee camp, the third in less than 24 hours, Palestinian officials said. The opening of the Rafah crossing for … Read more

Tracking damage within the Gaza Strip through maps

For nearly a month, Israeli airstrikes have caused extensive damage in the Gaza Strip, particularly in the most densely populated northern region, where residents were told to evacuate. Bombardment has killed more thanIsrael says it is targeting Hamas leaders and fighters in retaliation to Hamas’s deadly surprise attack on Israel on Oct. 7. But an … Read more

A visual analysis of Israel’s ground operation in Gaza

is conducting what it describes as an “expanded ground operation” inside Gaza. Israeli authorities have said the ground operation will support them in achieving the goals of the war, including attempting to rescue more than 200 hostages held by Hamas since the surprise terror attack on Oct. 7 and to destroy Hamas, which the U.S. … Read more

5 American aid workers leave Gaza for Egypt through Rafah crossing, hundreds remain

At least five Americans were among the group of civilians that fled Gaza for Egypt on Wednesday, U.S. officials say. All five U.S. citizens – who are the only known Americans to leave Gaza today – were aid workers. The U.S. Department of State says that they will give instructions to the 400 other Americans … Read more

U.S. citizens leave Gaza for Egypt as others await State Department instruction on travel options

State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller answers questions during a news briefing at the State Department on July 18, 2023, in Washington. | Nathan Howard/APSome of the U.S. citizens who have been trapped in Gaza since the Hamas’ attack on Israel last month have made it into Egypt while others are awaiting instruction from the Biden … Read more