The US has strongly backed Israel’s war against Hamas. The allies don’t seem to know what comes next

Hundreds of mourners joined a funeral procession through Jenin on Wednesday for three Palestinians killed during an Israeli morning raid. The three were killed when heavy clashes erupted after dozens of Israeli military vehicles and two bulldozers entered Jenin and the adjacent refugee camp. Another Palestinian man was killed in a separate raid in Tulkarm. … Read more

The US has strongly backed Israel’s war against Hamas. The allies don’t seem to know what comes next

When U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken was asked this week who would govern the Gaza Strip following Israel’s devastating war against Hamas, he said a return of the internationally recognized Palestinian Authority made “the most sense.” What he failed to mention is that the Palestinian Authority, weak and deeply unpopular with its own people, … Read more

Narcissists use these tricks to win arguments — don’t fall for them: therapist

Doctor shares 10-3-2-1-0 sleep method to guarantee a good night’s rest“Having a healthy argument or healthy conflict with a narcissist is nearly impossible,” the therapist said. “You can’t logically reason with a narcissist because they tend to engage in one of these techniques.” In the 41-second TikTok clip posted on Aug. 15, she lists all … Read more

Investor Ron Baron says don’t bet against stocks over the long-term

Ron Baron says Tesla can hit $4 trillion, ‘SpaceX has a chance to be even bigger’The billionaire investor has beaten the market by betting on Elon Musk. He lands on the MarketWatch 50 list and, in this interview, remains as bullish as ever. Read more ⮕ Upon Further Review: How Broncos’ pass rush managed to … Read more

Mike Lindell Complains ‘I Don’t Have Any More Money’ Amid MyPillow Woes

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell, a loyal Donald Trump ally, called for new donations from his supporters after again admitting financial difficulties, saying he doesn’t have ‘any more money. The legal expenses of running the three cases have led Lindell to lose ‘everything, every dime,’ he said in an interview earlier this month. The businessman previously … Read more

Students detail ‘horrible’ reality at top US colleges with surge in antisemitism, say they don’t feel safe

At campuses across the U.S., anti-Israel protesters have organized massive demonstrations since the Hamas attack on Israel on October 7. The surge in incidents has been paired with antisemitic rhetoric and violence against Jews, leaving many students feeling unsafe and fearful of attending class. ‘So we’ve had a plethora of incidents happen at UC Berkeley, … Read more

Don’t expect instant success, Ukraine’s Zelenskiy warns as he rallies his troops

Despite Kyiv’s gruelling months-long offensive, the vast frontline in Ukraine’s east and south has moved little in the past year, spurring criticism and impatience among some of Ukraine’s Western allies. The war, which Russia launched on Feb. 24, 2022, is now in its 20th month and has no end in sight. Russian forces have geared … Read more

Don’t use LinkedIn’s ‘open to work’ sign, says former Google recruiter: It feels ‘like desperation’

to show off professional accomplishments. Use featured links to give examples of your work. Update your profile regularly to ensure it reflects your many skills. But when it comes to what not to do, “the biggest red flag on LinkedIn is the ‘open to work’ symbol,” says former Google recruiter, you want to give the … Read more