Stunned Scientists Unearth Huge 160-Million-Year-Old Blood-Sucking Creature

Scientists have been stunned by the discovery of two gigantic fossils of a 160-million-year-old blood-sucking creature in northern China.The ‘unusually large’ fossils, which were described in a new paper published in Nature Communications, belonged to the lamprey species—an ancient species of jawless fish that can still be found in the Atlantic today. The parasitic fish has a funnel-like mouth full of teeth, used to latch onto other creatures.

These fossils may help scientists gather more information about their life cycle, as well as their geographical origin.’Before our report, the oldest fossil lamprey was from the Late Devonian, around 360 million years ago, and found in South Africa. Since then only seven species have been found, of which five are Paleozoic,’ Wu said.

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