Stranger Things Set Up Eddie Munson’s Death In-Universe 2 Years Before It Happened

SCREENRANT VIDEO OF THE DAY SCROLL TO CONTINUE WITH CONTENT Summary Stranger Things set up Eddie Munson’s tragic death nearly two years before his fate was revealed in season 4. Joseph Quinn’s beloved character is the basis of Stranger Things: Flight of Icarus, an in-universe book that serves as a prequel to Eddie’s season 4 storyline.

As a newcomer within Stranger Things season 4’s cast of characters, Eddie became involved in the latest mysteries plaguing Hawkins and participated in a mission in an attempt to defeat Vecna. Eddie ended up suffering severe injuries in the Upside Down before dying in Dustin’s arms, but even when facing death, Eddie kept a positive outlook. This is even more surprising considering how much pain he went through going up in Hawkins after losing his mother and dealing with his deadbeat dad.

Eddie Munson Predicted His Death 2 Years Before It Happened In Stranger Things Season 4 Eddie’s Stranger Things’ death was one of the most heartbreaking moments in the show’s history thus far. However, his grim fate was essentially set up two years prior in Stranger Things: Flight of Icarus through one brief but impactful line.

“Veronica Ecker is going places. She’s headed to college, she’s headed to law school, she’s getting the hell out of Indiana. Eddie Munson? He’s gonna die in this stupid town.” The book, which is told from the perspective of Eddie in first-person, documents a time in the character’s life when he has a way out of Hawkins. Flight of Icarus sees Eddie encounter a Hawkins High graduate named Paige, who now works for a record label in LA. The connection to Eddie gives him hope for the first time in his life, but deep down, even he knows he’s never meant to leave the small town.

How Stranger Things’ Prequel Story Makes Eddie’s Death Sadder To make matters worse, Eddie’s Stranger Things death is foreshadowed in several ways in the prequel book. Eddie’s line in Flight of Icarus is likely the self-realization that he would end up living in Hawkins for his entire life, working a dead-end job similar to his Uncle Wayne. He never took school seriously, and he didn’t have many people on his side for support.

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