Robert De Niro finally has a comedy hit — but this time the joke’s on him

Halloween killed! ‘Woke’ schools axing kids’ parties over inequality is a haunting new lowIf Gen Z cheers Hamas, I shudder to think what they would do in another 9/11Robert De Niro hasn’t made a decent comedy in years – a flurry of big paychecks in exchange for humorless cinematic crapola.

“OK, twice? You got me! I’m saying this is nonsense,” fumed De Niro. “It was never done with any disrespect. Shame on you, Chase Robinson!”Their working relationship ended when she quit in April of 2019, and the aggrieved ex-assistant said their relationship took a nosedive when she tried to negotiate a two year severance, asking for health care, and even a press release announcing her departure from the company.

“She thinks she’s your wife and I’m tired of her rearranging things and throwing my stuff on the floor in chaos whenever she decides she wants to be the ‘lady of the house’ it’s very bizarre and it really has to stop,” Chen texted, according to court papers.A sketch of the iconic actor testifying in the sensational civil trial where he acccused his former assistant of stealing airline miles.

“The whole case is nonsense, it’s ridiculous. I wanted my things back, that’s all I’m asking. Return my things, return my air miles. Enough is enough. I wanted her to do it in reason — not take 5 million miles,”The indignity of the Oscar winner, who according to his ex-wife, was worth half a billion, dragging his former assistant to court, to betray his privacy and whine about air miles.Maybe Robinson took some extra airlines. Maybe she took liberties with her expenses.

Why didn’t he ask Hightower, who took a vow to care for him? “She was sleeping, I didn’t want to bother her,’’ the actor said on the stand. For charity’s sake, let’s say boundaries were crossed on both sides. Familiarity bred contempt and lawsuits.

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