Rick & Morty Season 7 Has Repeated 1 Problematic Story Trend 3 Episodes In A Row

Summary SCREENRANT VIDEO OF THE DAY SCROLL TO CONTINUE WITH CONTENT Rick and Morty season 7 has repeated one problematic story trend for three episodes in a row, and this issue really needs to be fixed. The newest batch of Rick and Morty episodes still has a lot of stories to tell, but the three that have released so far have created and continued a major criticism with the season.

Rick and Morty season 7 is finally here, with the highly-anticipated continuation of Adult Swim’s beloved sci-fi series coming back once again. Rick and Morty season 7 has set some pretty high expectations, with it promising to tell more wacky sci-fi stories starring the titular space-faring duo while also continuing the overarching Rick Prime story. However, Rick and Morty season 7 has already been struggling in one key department.

Morty Has Been Sidelined In Rick & Morty Season 7 To the surprise and disappointment of many, Morty has been significantly sidelined in Rick and Morty season 7. Morty barely appears in any of season 7’s first three episodes, with Rick instead being the main character of these stories. Morty only has a few lines per episode, with him not having any real arc in any of the season 7 stories so far. headtopics.com

“How Poopy Got His Poop Back” was about Rick staging an intervention for Mr. Poopybutthole, “The Jerrick Trap” was about Jerry and Rick switching minds, and “Air Force Wong” was about Rick’s conflicts with the President, Unity, and his therapist. Morty’s appearances in these three episodes are minimal, with this creating a massive problem for Rick and Morty season 7’s early episodes.

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