Ramaswamy says antisemitism is a symptom of ‘deeper void’ in a culture: America’s young people ‘are lost’

<p>Ramaswamy says antisemitism is a symptom of ‘deeper void’ in a culture: America’s young people ‘are lost’</p><p></p><p>Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy joined 'FOX & Friends' to react to growing antisemitism among young people and threats to Jewish college students.</p><p>Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy joined 'FOX & Friends' Monday to call out the growing anti-Israel and antisemitic demonstrations and protests in the U.S., especially on college campuses. Ramasawamy was asked about Cornell University police and the FBI investigating a series of threats against the school's Jewish students. PRO-PALESTINIAN PROTESTERS SCALE PART OF BROOKLYN BRIDGE, FORCE SHUTDOWN OF ICONIC NYC ARTERY VIVEK RAMASWAMY: You look at the U.N. secretary general's comments last Wednesday, drawing a false equivalence between Hamas' attacks on Israel and Israel's national self-defense, it reinforces that same norm. But here's my deeper view: as disgusting as that is, there's something deeper to see about what's going on here. History teaches us that antisemitism is a symptom of a deeper void in a culture. And so as leaders, it's our job to take a step back and say that especially young people in this country, they are lost. They are starved for direction, starved for the things that they used to miss. Faith, patriotism, hard work, family. And yes, we have wokeism and transgenderism fill the void. Now we see antisemitism fills that void, too. So I think it's a symptom of a deeper cancer in American life. And we have to revive our own identity and I think that melts away a lot of these toxic poisons. The threats were posted to a website not affiliated with the university and targeted '104 West,' where the Center of Jewish Living is located on the Cornell campus. One of the threats called for people to follow a Jewish person home and 'slit their throats,' adding, 'Rats need to be eliminated from Cornell.' The Steven K. and Winifred A. Grinspoon Hillel Center at the university said Sunday it was aware of the threats, in a social media post, saying the Cornell University Police Department is monitoring the situation and on the scene at 104 West. School President Martha E. Pollack also issued a statement about the threats, calling the messages 'horrendous.' CLICK TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP Fox News' Charles Creitz contributed to this report For more Culture, Media, Education, Opinion, and channel coverage, visit foxnews.com/media.</p>