‘Putin will be successful’ if lawmakers cut Ukraine funding, top leaders warn

Top Biden administration officials warned senators on Tuesday that if they approve aid to Israel but cut out funding for Ukraine, Vladimir Putin will win.

“I think it would do both terrible harm to our values, but also to our core interests,” Blinken said of leaving out Ukraine aid. Austin also argued that not sending aid to Ukraine increases the likelihood that American troops might one day face combat against Putin’s forces in defense of a NATO ally in Europe.

Blinken and Austin’s plea for lawmakers to keep Biden’s emergency aid package intact comes as the Senate and House are on a collision course over Ukraine aid.plans to hold a vote on legislation that grants $14.3 billion in military funding for Israel, matching Biden’s request for that country but leaving out money for Ukraine. The Republican-led bill also offsets the new Israel aid with cuts to the Internal Revenue Service. headtopics.com

In separating Israel aid, Johnson argued the fight against Hamas after this month’s brutal attacks is the most urgent need. But Senate leaders, including Majority LeaderBiden’s proposal includes over $60 billion to continue to assist Ukraine. A previous $24 billion Ukraine request the White House submitted in August, meant to help Kyiv in the first quarter of the fiscal year, has languished on Capitol Hill.

“It’s hard to put a timeline on exactly how long it would take, but I guarantee that without our support, Putin will be successful,” Austin said. “If we pull the rug out from under them now, Putin will only get stronger and he will be successful.” headtopics.com

“That could be used against Israel or potentially against us, against our forces, against our personnel, either directly or via Iranian proxies,” Blinken said“This two-way relationship is of increasing concern to us, and one we have to be acting against resolutely in both theaters, because they’re closely linked,” Blinken added.

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