‘Pharmageddon’ could close pharmacies as protest spreads

People with prescriptions to fill could run into an unexpected snag over the next couple of days, as hundreds of pharmacists may call out of work to protest working conditions at CVS and Walgreens. Organizers of the ‘Pharmageddon’ protest told NBC News that around 900 people in as many as 10 states could participate in the ongoing protest, which started Monday and will end Wednesday. There was no way to independently verify that number.

According to the operations manager, their store fills far more prescriptions than it used to, and at the same time, vaccinations have become a bigger and bigger part of the company’s business. The manager said they give about 45 vaccinations in a typical eight-hour shift, which translates into 1 every 10 minutes or so. ‘It’s definitely gone downhill, especially since the pandemic,’ they said.

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