News on TikTok and Instagram is booming, signaling a new era

One recent study concluded consumers are looking for news that “feels more relevant,” giving a boost to creators on social mediaAmeer Al-Khatahtbeh graduated in 2020 with a degree in journalism from Rutgers University. But instead of going to work in a traditional newsroom, he decided to build his own digital news brand catering to the Muslim community.

That’s certainly the experience of Al-Khatahtbeh, who built an audience upon the realization that “there was no mainstream outlet that focused on the Muslim community,” he said, which makes up a quarter of the world’s population. On TikTok alone, @Muslim’s follower count is larger than the average daily audience of 1.1 million people watching Fox News.

“The internet makes possible much more content, and reaching all kinds of people,” Rosen said. “But it also makes disinformation spread.” Harris once worked for Vox, a news and opinion site founded in 2014 by journalists from The Post and Slate. His switch to YouTube has been so successful that he recently recruited another former Vox journalist to launch a second channel. He hopes eventually to build a network of journalist content creators and operate “effectively a music label for independent journalists.

For example, after trans TikTok influencer Dylan Mulvaney put up a sponsored Instagram post for Bud Light, right-wing news content creators including Michael Knowles and Matt Walsh of the Daily Wire orchestrated a harassment campaign against her and a boycott of the beer. The boycott garnered widespread coverage in mainstream media,Navigating social media as events unfold in real time can be tricky. Tommy Marcus, 27, grew up in Tenafly, N.J.

“When it came out that it wasn’t the guy, and seeing what the internet had done to him and his family, that really stuck with me,” Marcus said. “That the internet can be a very dangerous place for news if it’s not used responsibly.”All day every day, he shares breaking news updates on world events with his 1.1 million followers, “becoming an actual outlet for people to check news,” he said.

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