New Hollywood epics revive old debate about long movies and intermissions

Welcome to the Wide Shot, a newsletter about the business of entertainment. Sign up here to get it in your inbox. How long is too long? Every so often, a certain cadre of frequent and professional moviegoers revives the debate about whether some movies are asking too much of our social media-addled attention spans. The latest cycle of this timeworn question is brought to you by Martin Scorsese’s epic ‘Killers of the Flower Moon,’ clocking in at nearly three and a half hours.

That all makes sense. The fact that the opening night audience for ‘Killers of the Flower Moon’ was 46% under 35 suggests that length didn’t dissuade the young cinephiles who badly wanted to see the movie. Or maybe it just means that people under 35 have more time on their hands. Anyway, if you’re worried about your next trip to a 180-minute-plus feature where the audience is expected to sit still, do what I do — stick to popcorn, candy and a small soda.

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