Most people think holiday season starts too early — ‘Christmas fatigue’ is real: survey

Donald Trump Jr. arrives to defend himself, dad, brother and family biz at fraud trial in NY — follow The Post’s coverageThe day after Halloween is often seen as the start of the holiday season — but many people have mixed opinions on when to start getting into the spirit.

Christmas advertising starting as early as right after Labor Day weekend has left a majority of Americans feeling burned out by the time Dec. 25 comes around, according to a new poll.revealed that, of the 1,000 people polled, 82.8% experience “Christmas fatigue” from all the advertisements, music, decorations and sales by the time of the big day.

More than four in five (82.4%) Americans think Christmas decor at stores goes up too early, and 76.8% think social media posts and online advertisements for the holiday begin too soon.The day after Halloween is often looked at as the start of the holiday season. But for some, that’s simply exhausting.A majority of people believe that Christmas advertising should start to appear in November both in-store (45.5%) and online (45.8%). Of those surveyed, 48.

Opinions on when decorations should go up in stores seemed to line up with thoughts on home decorations. A majority (43.9%) said the best time to decorate your home for Christmas is in November, while 30.9% said December.Holiday spending takes a toll on people, too, with 92.6% setting a budget specifically for Christmas gifts, decor and hosting costs, and 87.6% taking advantage of Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales for presents.Holiday spending takes a toll on people, too, with 92.6% setting a budget specifically for Christmas gifts, decor and hosting costs.

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