Mom traveling with daughter brought to tears by public support

When Jenna Dillulio was getting ready to fly for the first time with her 14-month-old daughter Ember in October, she said she felt nervous.

The mom of one told “Good Morning America” she’d had anxiety about flying for years, but she, her therapist and her family agreed it would be good for her to try traveling by plane with her daughter to begin working through that fear.

“This trip was such a big step for me,” Dillulio told “GMA,” adding that it was her first flying trip with her daughter and also her daughter’s first time flying overall. They flew from Richmond, Virginia, to visit Dillulio’s family in the Pittsburgh area, but it wasn’t until their flight home that Dillulio encountered a special place that brought her to tears — the mothers’ nursing lounge at Pittsburgh International Airport.”Immediately, when I opened up the door, I just was overcome with emotion,” Dillulio recalled.

The airport mothers lounge was filled with colorful sticky notes with handwritten messages from fellow traveling mothers. Dillulio said she stopped to read several of them and take in the space with her daughter in tow.”We had a ton of things going on, so to walk in there and then to need the support, and then you get it without expecting it — it warmed my heart to see all those Post-its, and to read like, ‘You’re doing a great job. You’re a great mom.

Dillulio said the mother’s lounge at Pittsburgh International Airport, even behind the door, was covered in encouraging and touching notes from fellow mothers.

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