Mom, 50, knocks out her son’s ex-girlfriend in cage fight match

A 50 year old mother fought and knocked out her son’s 19 year old ex-girlfriend in an MMA fight. 😭‼️Martial arts competition changes rules after female fighters pull out over safety fears at facing trans grapplersViolent social media trend spreading across schools has officials worried

A 50-year-old Polish woman knocked out her son’s teenaged ex-girlfriend during a recent MMA event to “end certain internet drama.” In a battle of two unlikely foes, Małgorzata Zwierzyńska, the 50-year-old mother who goes by the name Gosia Magical, took on Nikita Alokin, 19, in a postlim fight during CLOUT MMA 2.The fight was promoted by CLOUT MMA, a Polish mixed martial arts company that sponsors outlandish fights like the one between Magical and Alokin.

The two women have been at odds with each other ever since Alokin and Zwierzyńska’s son, Daniel, broke up,Daniel Zwierzyński, known online as Daniel Magical, rose to fame for the videos he shared on social media, some featuring his mother and ex-girlfriend.She already had fighting experience and was 30 years younger than her opponent, but in the first round of the bout, Magical turned the tide.

After a restart, the two exchanged blows until the younger fighter escaped Magical and the bell went off at the 3-minute mark. The second round began the way the previous one ended, with Magical starting strong against Alokin, and chasing her around before the 19-year-old made contact with a few kicks.

At the two-minute mark, Magical attacked Alokin, dodging two punches from her opponent while throwing herself into Alokin, landing the knockout blow to Alokin’s chin,The fight was promoted by CLOUT MMA, a Polish mixed martial arts company that sponsors outlandish fights like the one between Magical and Alokin.Magical was declared the winner with a TKO, sending her fighting career to a “magical” 1-0.

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