Loch Ness Monster sighting ‘made me jump out of my skin’: tourist

Tourist accidentally sparks bomb scare with wrong translation for ‘pomegranate’, one Loch Ness Monster hunter claims he spotted the genuine artifact and that it was as big as a “double-decker bus.”

“I was confused and in disbelief,” aptly-named Nessie obsessive Sash Lake told Jam Press of allegedly hitting the Loch Ness Monster motherload. “I saw a huge black mass or hump in the middle of the loch, roughly the size of a double-decker bus,” the petrified Brit recalled. “I would say it was around 75 to 100 yards away from me.”

When he looked back to where he initially saw the black mass, “there was nothing there,” per his account.Alas, the Nessie sighting was too brief for Lake to get a video, but he did manage to quickly sketch what he saw from memory, as seen in accompanying photos. headtopics.com

The previous alleged sighting was made on August 31 by nurse Fiona Wade, 60, who claimed to have seen three humps in the water.of the Scottish water monster that was dubbed “the clearest evidence this year of Nessie’s existence,” by The Loch Ness Centre, an institution dedicated to finding Nessie.

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