Letters to the Editor — Nov. 2, 2023

Pols call to cut millions in state funding to Columbia, Cornell over antisemitismI read that more than 100 Columbia University professors signed an open letter defending their Hamas-supporting students from charges of antisemitism (These pathetic excuses for human beings, let alone self-described “scholars,” referred to the cold-blooded Oct. 7 massacre of 1,400 innocent, defenseless men, women and children and the kidnapping of hundreds more as a “military response.

Some at Columbia University are apparently doubling down on their untenable position of defending Hamas. The professors had the gall to demand the university protect the demonstrators from purportedly “disturbing reverberations.”

Clearly, these august educators are not in the least bit concerned by the very real and disturbing issue that Columbia’s campus, along with so many other college campuses, is now unsafe for Jewish students.It’s a horrible situation that both sides have repeatedly made worse for decades. headtopics.com

But for these professors to say the events of Oct. 7 “represented a military response by a people who had endured crushing and unrelenting state violence from an occupying power over many years” is sheer delusional nonsense.

If it was a military response, what conventions supported their tactics against their “opposing force?” Hopefully, all of this finally wakes people up to what’s been happening in our institutions of higher learning. All that tuition for this?It is clear that the Hamas-Israeli conflict has captured the hearts and minds of college students and unleashed a wave of invigorated activism on college campuses.To what extent this has been fueled by indoctrination is yet to be determined. But Columbia University professors have been vocal and offensive. headtopics.com

What we do know is that the college administrators have exerted no supervision and have allowed these protests to get out of hand. The lack of oversight and the wider inaction by the universities makes them facilitators and accomplices in the ensuing chaos.The Columbia professors would have us believe that Hamas’ murder and taking hostage of Israeli non-combatants was a “military response” to some purported “state violence” on the part of Israel.Hamas’ objective was in no way, shape or form military. It was pure politics and for no valid reason.

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