Letters to the Editor — Nov. 1, 2023

Pro-Palestinian protesters shut down Grand Central Terminal during evening rushI’m all for freedom of assembly and freedom of speech, but not when it’s to support terrorism and when it’s a detriment to the safety of others (

My daughter and other commuters minding their business walking to their track all of a sudden were engulfed by the rush of the crowd, and although they were pleading with the police officers to let them through to their track, they were told they had to stay put in the middle of this insanity.

Newsflash: All the protesting in the world are not going to persuade Israel to a ceasefire. All these jackals are doing is wreaking havoc and danger upon law-abiding citizens.The Jewish Voices for Peace supporters who shut down Grand Central Terminal with a sit-in on Friday evening are indeed Hamas’ “useful idiots.” headtopics.com

They should protest in specific designated areas in the city. We don’t need the complete collapse of rules in New York City. Grand Central was a situation that needed immediate action by the Adams administration. It should have cleared out the protesters and reopened Grand Central.We are now being exposed on a daily basis to the tragicomedy of pathetically uninformed, willfully ignorant masses (some perhaps thugs-for-hire) staging demonstrations against the country of Israel.

Yet the time to talk is after the terrorist threat has been neutralized. The actions against civilians on Oct. 7 are akin to other uncivilized acts of terror against civilians throughout history and are unequivocally unacceptable. headtopics.com

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