League and union discuss on-ice safety after player’s death in England

on Wednesday that the league wants to prioritize protection but added that players have the right to make decisions for themselves.

“Whether it’s something that’s mandated directly or on a phased-in basis, that’s something we’ll discuss with the players’ association,” Bettman said after a news conference at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey, where two outdoor NHL games will be played in February.

According to the report, Bettman said the issue of neck protection is not new and the NHL and National Hockey League Players’ Association (NHLPA) had already been looking at ways to better protect players from cuts to the wrist, leg or worse through a joint committee. headtopics.com

The English Ice Hockey Association (EIHA), which is the sport’s governing body in England and Wales, said this week the safety of players must take precedence above all else and made neck guards mandatory from Jan. 1 for all on-ice activities.

The EIHA did not make neck guards mandatory with immediate effect due to anticipated supply issues but made a “strong recommendation” that players at all levels across English Ice Hockey start using a neck guard. headtopics.com

The NHL/NHLPA Protective Subcommittee has been working to make sure players have access to cut-resistant equipment to address injuries to arms and legs that have occurred in recent years. The NHLPA also educates players each year on the benefits of wearing the cut-resistant equipment so they can make informed equipment choices.

NHLPA Executive Director Marty Walsh, who was at the same news conference with Bettman, said everything was on the table when it came to potential equipment changes.

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