Israeli university presidents call on colleagues to not fall victim to Hamas’ ‘destructive propaganda’

Presidents from nine universities in Israel signed and sent a letter to their international colleagues on Wednesday to express their ‘deep concern’ over narratives from some academic institutions that ‘misrepresent’ the conflict between Israel and Hamas, or even target Israelis and Jews. On Oct. 7, Hamas terrorists invaded Israel and murdered more than 1,400 people, including babies, children, Jews, Muslims and Christians, while also taking 240 people hostage.

‘ TULANE UNIVERSITY CONDEMNS VIOLENCE AT DUELING PALESTINIAN, ISRAEL PROTESTS: ‘A DARK DAY FOR OUR COMMUNITY’ The presidents noted that higher learning institutions should be known for being centers for intellectual and progressive thoughts, enlightenment and rational discourse. Now, the letter reads, campuses have adopted Hamas as the cause of celebration, while demonizing Israel. ‘There is no moral equivalency here.

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