Israel claims responsibility for attack on Gaza refugee camp which Palestinian officials say killed civilians

The Senate on Wednesday confirmed Jack Lew to be the next U.S. ambassador to Israel at a critical moment in U.S.

-Israeli relations, despite vocal opposition to President Biden’s nominee by Republican senators over his defense of the Obama-era Iran nuclear agreement. Lew’s nomination was approved 53-43, largely along party lines. Read the full story.

Israel-Gaza war live updates: Israel increases troops, tanks in Gaza as part of ‘expanded’ operationWashington pressured Israel to restore communications in the Gaza Strip and negotiated with Israel to speed up aid into Gaza, U.S. officials told The Post. Read more ⮕

Israel-Gaza war live updates: Israel pushes farther into Gaza, rejects cease-fireIsrael is continuing its advance into Gaza with tanks and soldiers, along with its relentless bombing campaign. Read more ⮕

Live blog: Israeli jets hit Turkish-Palestinian Friendship Hospital in GazaPalestinians in northern Gaza report fierce air and artillery strikes on day 24 of the conflict, as Israeli troops backed by tanks press into the besieged enclave with a ground assault. Read more ⮕

Israeli troops push deeper into Gaza and free captive as fears rise for Palestinian civiliansThe Israeli military said a female soldier captured during Hamas’ wide-ranging Oct. 7 attack inside Israel, which triggered the war, had been released during its ground operation – apparently he first successful rescue of a captive. Read more ⮕

Israeli warplanes hit Turkish-Palestinian Friendship Hospital in GazaIsraeli bombing ’caused extensive damage’ on Turkish-Palestinian Friendship Hospital, the only hospital in Gaza treat cancer patients, says the hospital director. Read more ⮕

Old video of Israeli forces arresting Palestinian child resurfaces during latest Gaza warIsraeli troops have made sweeping arrests and detained hundreds of people in the occupied West Bank since Hamas militants stormed into Israel and killed at least 1,400 people. A video with more than a million views on social media was posted with a claim that it shows “Israeli soldiers” arresting a three-year-old Palestinian boy. Read more ⮕