I’m in an all-female throuple — we started as friends then fell in love

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Triple lucky in love, when girlfriends Kenzie and Legacy opted to open up their relationship to a third partner in January 2022, neither knew exactly what to expect. And since welcoming girlfriend Amber, who the couple met on a dating app, into their polyamorous fold, the all-female throuple has endured crashing waves of vitriol from virtual haters saying, “This will end badly” and “You’re going to hell.”TikTok / @amourdetrois

In the clap-back clip, which scared up over 1.8 million views, Kenzie, 23, Amber, 26, and Legacy, 26 — based in Raleigh, North Carolina — responded to critics who’ve said, “You can’t be in love with two people.” The poly paramours titled the video “Throuple life” and stamped it with #Throuple, which has amassed over 1.4 billion TikTok views.“Meeting Amber on Bumble BFF,” Legacy and Kenzie — who met in 2020 via X, née Twitter — penned in the closed-captions of the snippet. headtopics.com

“It just got deeper and deeper,” said the brunette while snuggled on the couch with her honeys, “and here we are.” And although the atypical triple-headers regularly receive a sprinkling of support from cyber spectators who cheer them on with comments like, “You’re living my dream” and “What a beautiful throuple,” doom and gloom-mongers often drown out the applause with rough rebukes.“This is straight cringe,” commented an equally repulsed killjoy.

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