How To Remove Pollution In Cities Skylines 2

In Cities: Skylines 2, Pollution can quickly threaten any up-and-coming metropolis, and quickly removing it is incredibly important. Left unchecked, Pollution will negatively affect the health of your citizens, kill trees, and spoil natural resources. This, in turn, has knock-on effects on other aspects of city life. Managing Pollution is key to a healthy, happy city.

SCREENRANT VIDEO OF THE DAY SCROLL TO CONTINUE WITH CONTENT This level of detail allows players to manage Pollution in many different ways. However, the best way to manage Pollution is careful zoning and placement of utilities. Zoning dirty industry and utility buildings far away from residential areas and using eco-friendly alternatives are important first steps for addressing Pollution problems.

Sourcing electricity from non-polluting power plants such as Wind Turbines, Solar Power Plants, Hydroelectric Power Plants, and Geothermal Power Plants will reduce Ground Pollution. However, they tend to produce less power compared to fossil fuels. Other than that, it’s recommended that you keep your garbage services up and running and use Incineration Plants and Recycling Centers to process garbage.

An Industrial Waste Processing Site will reduce overall Ground Pollution by 15%; however, it can be expensive to buy and build. Air Pollution also comes from Industry, but it also comes from traffic. Smarter and more streamlined AI is one of the biggest changes in Cities: Skylines 2, so you will see some benefits from creating a robust public transport system to reduce traffic overall. Keep Industry away from residential areas, and ensure that you are carefully monitoring the prevailing wind direction, as air pollution travels on the wind.

Water Pollution occurs when Ground Pollution enters water sources and from sewage. To address this, ensure you follow the flow and direction of water in your city and keep water utilities upstream from sewage pipes and outflows. Careful placement will reduce any issues from environmental Pollution. However, you will also have to manage Noise Pollution.

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