How Biden can convince the world that the U.S. is serious on climate

When U.S. climate envoys arrive in Dubai in late November, they will bring with them a big new global warming plan, codified in federal law, enabling them to declare to the world that the United States has joined the climate fight. More credibility should help the United States encourage other nations, which is good because restraining global temperature rise requires all big polluters to act with more ambition.

This is all likely to slow a green transition that, if delayed by extraneous considerations, will only get harder. Estimates of the IRA’s impact on U.S. emissions come with caveats. Princeton University’s Zero Lab, a climate research group,U.S. trade protectionism also antagonizes many countries — not just China — with which the United States needs to cooperate on climate. Mr.

The president has options. He could use whatever legal discretion he has to ease protectionist rules that have upset U.S.-aligned countries. He could promote “friendshoring” — developing trade relationships with countries that might provide alternative sources of critical components — along with investments in battery recycling and other technologies that would limit the need for scarce minerals.

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