GOP frustration with Tuberville’s military freeze erupts in Senate

The war in Gaza and a serious medical emergency suffered by the Marine Corps’s top officer forced into the open months of simmering Republican frustrations about Sen. Tommy Tuberville’s expansive hold on President Biden’s military nominees, driving several of his colleagues to publicly denounce the gambit and urge Senate leaders to take immediate action to end the impasse.

The confrontation made clear that some of Tuberville’s Republican colleagues have hit their limit, but it remains unclear if there is enough GOP support for a Democratic plan to temporarily change Senate rules to neutralize his blockade. That proposal is set to come to a vote in the next few weeks, and would need nine Republicans to support it.

As they continued their standoff past 8 p.m., Sullivan and others said they would bring up each military officer due for a promotion by name, regardless of how long it takes, forcing Tuberville to publicly object to each one. “We’re going to stay here,” Sullivan said, “until our list is done.”

“The ideal is going on to live a relatively normal life as possible, whatever normal is for that person,” Levy said. “But for each minute that goes by that someone is in cardiac arrest and their brain is deprived of those pressure nutrients and oxygen, irreversible brain damage starts to occur.”For now, with the No. 2 post empty and no other Marine Corps four-star generals at the Pentagon, Smith’s duties will fall to a subordinate general, Lt. Gen. Karsten Heckl, Marine officials said.

It is unclear if nine Republicans back such a move, but Schumer indicated he is ready to force the issue. On Tuesday, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) said he believes the hold on military nominations is a “bad idea.”“I have been among those trying to convince Sen. Tuberville to express his opposition some other way, by people who actually make policy as opposed to our military heroes,” McConnell said.

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