Get your Gina Raimondo jersey before they sell out

Well, as long as we’ve got people around the country dressing up as superheroes, it’s fair to pick what passes for one in this town. Or see a Steph Curry last night? Raimondo is, as

The comment came in the context of the secretary’s point position in President Biden’s new executive order on the use and development of artificial intelligence. It doles out responsibilities to all executive departments, but none more than to Raimondo’s.

That’s partly because the AI community loves Raimondo: “I cannot overstate how much,” Josh writes. The Curry comparison is only the start of the lovefest. Josh explains the background that led to the affection.It’s partly because, as Raimondo humbly noted to Josh in an interview, Commerce is fairly well-positioned to work on a lot of the issues that attend to’s also partly because of Raimondo’s ice-cold skill. Look at how Biden trusted her with the semiconductor supply chain.

“It was in the wake of her passing,” he writes, “that my Mexican American family, as if out of an ancient instinct, returned to the tradition of Día de Muertos.”he drew to accompany it — every Nov. 1, a kind of liminal space between fall and the full-on holiday season. In fact, it’s full of liminality.

What marks the strange space between authentic and contrived? Between Mexican and American? And even, as only Day of the Dead can show us, between dead and alive?and Christian nationalists’ retort to that pesky bit of the Bible about turning the other cheek. None of it bodes well for broadly popular gun-control legislation.It’s not lost on Kate that, within 24 hours of Johnson assuming the speakership, a gunman killed 18 people in Maine.

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