Genie Trailer Previews Heartwarming Christmas Comedy With Melissa McCarthy

Shared on Peacock’s YouTube account, the first trailer for Genie sees Essiedu’s character, Bernard Bottle, summon a genie, played by McCarthy, who can grant unlimited wishes. The movie is directed by Sam Boyd, while the script comes from“After millennia of being summoned to grant wishes of gold doubloons and hot babes for greedy men, Flora is accidentally called to service by Bernard Bottle (Essiedu), whose life is unraveling around him,” the synopsis reads.

Curtis, Tim Bevan, Eric Fellner, and Riva Marker serve as producers, while McCarthy, Caroline Jaczko, Nicole King, Stacy O’Neil, Alexandra Loewy, and Sarah-Jane Robinson are executive producers.Brandon Schreur has been writing about comics, movies, television shows, and all things pop culture for roughly five years. He’s a lifelong cinephile who spends way, way too much money buying Blu-rays and trade paperbacks. You can find him on twitter at @brandonschreur.

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