FBI arrests Alaska man for threatening to kill US Senator, wear their skin ‘as clothes’

An Alaska suspect was arrested this week after he allegedly threatened to ‘hunt’ down and kill a U.S. Senator, officials said. Arther Graham, 46, of Kenai, was arrested Monday after he allegedly sent a graphic message to a U.S. Senator, who was not identified, on Sept. 28, threatening to kill them and wear their skin ‘as clothes,’ U.S. Attorney S. Lane Tucker for the District of Alaska said.

Capitol Police and the FBI then visited Graham’s home on Oct. 30. Once there, Graham reportedly confessed to having sent the message and told the officers that he knew doing so was against the law, documents show. The law enforcement did not identify the U.S. Senator, but the complaint uses the word ‘she.’ Sen. Lisa Murkowski is the only female Alaska Senator, however the complaint does not specify if the threatened Senator was from Alaska or another state.

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