Everything Included In The Deck Of Many Things Bundle

Summary SCREENRANT VIDEO OF THE DAY SCROLL TO CONTINUE WITH CONTENT The Book of Many Things is the newest addition to Dungeons & Dragons 5e, and a bundle focused on the new sourcebook offers a deluxe package for anyone interested in adding a little chaos to a campaign. The inspiration for the new book comes from the classic magic The Deck of Many Things, a deck of cards that contains wild effects both helpful and harmful to spice up the life of any party willing to take some risks.

Of all the magic items that have appeared over the years in various incarnations, few can hold a candle to the storied history of the Deck of Many Things, which originally appeared in the first Dungeons & Dragons supplement, Greyhawk. In the nearly five decades that have passed since then, it’s cropped up again and again across editions, and likely derailed as many campaigns as its energized.

The physical contents of The Deck of Many Things bundle feature no shortage of artwork, with unique illustrations for the sourcebook, guidebook, and outer box. The most impressive source of art, however, is the deck itself, which features a roster of full illustrations in a similar vein to typical Tarot cards. These should be perfect for in-person sessions, giving players something to actually lay down on the table, but they can still be a nice reference for online campaigns as well. headtopics.com

Pre-Order Bonuses For The Deck Of Many Things Bundle Committing to The Deck of Many Things bundle in advance brings some unique advantages with it. Following the standard release model for DnD books, a pre-order will grant early access to the digital copy of the sourcebook. This material can be accessed through D&D Beyond, a service that collates all official 5e content and offers a number of tools for playing or running the game.

The pre-order also grants some digital customization options for using D&D Beyond in general. A digital dice set offers a themed skin for emulated dice that can be used within the website and app, and 10 frames and 4 backdrops make it possible to tweak the appearance of character icons and sheets. These perks are also available with a pre-order of the digital edition without the physical bundle, but they won’t be accessible with a purchase of either option after the official release. headtopics.com

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