Don’t expect instant success, Ukraine’s Zelenskiy warns as he rallies his troops

Despite Kyiv’s gruelling months-long offensive, the vast frontline in Ukraine’s east and south has moved little in the past year, spurring criticism and impatience among some of Ukraine’s Western allies.

The war, which Russia launched on Feb. 24, 2022, is now in its 20th month and has no end in sight. Russian forces have geared up for fresh attacks in different sections of the front and are The Black Sea has become a crucial theatre in the war. Ukraine’s increased air and sea drone attacks on Russian military targets there have damaged ship and naval repair yards in the port of Sevastopol, and struck other targets.

“When we ensure even more security to the Black Sea, Russia will lose any ability to dominate in this area and expand its malign influence to other countries,” Zelenskiy said. “Ukraine’s success in the battle for the Black Sea will go down in history books, although it’s not being discussed much today,” Zelenskiy said.Zelenskiy said a meeting with senior commanders had considered sectors engulfed by the fiercest fighting in the east and northeast, including the key areas of Avdiivka and Kupiansk, where Russia has been on the offensive in recent weeks.

“The enemy is bringing in forces and equipment. Our boys are preparing for a new wave,” Barabash told national television.