Country musician Cody Tate calls out moms for raiding Halloween candy bowl outside his house

A mother and her family are being slammed on social media after video captures them wiping out an entire bowl filled with Halloween candy in front of a country musician’s Texas home.The video starts off by showing three adults, followed by four to five kids, running up to the house and clearing a huge black-colored basket loaded with candy one-by-one.One woman in a black hoodie appears to even smile into the camera while stashing loads of candy into her coat pockets.

The other adults and small children followed suit, making sure all of the candy was taken from the bowl, even picking some up from the ground. Then one male adult looks back at the basket to ensure all the candy was gone before taking off with the family.One mother looks up at the camera, appearing to smile at it, while stealing candy from the bucket with her family.“And this is why you can’t trust people. If you know who it is share. I figured it would happen but not adults. Now all the kids after these people can’t have any candy,” Tate captioned the clip.

“I wonder how many other houses they did this too….pathetic, can’t have nothin’ nice nowadays,” a person commented. Just hours before the video went up, Tate first posted a picture of the black basket filled to the brim with candy directly in front of a sign that read, “Please take 1, Happy Halloween!! Go Rangers!!”The post was flooded with comments from users who expressed sympathy for Tate after seeing what eventually happened to the candy.Cody Tate, a member of the Whiskey Myers, expressed disappointment in the adults and asked for the public to identify them.

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