California’s Losing Its Newest Lake

California’s newest lake is slowly shrinking, although officials are unsure when it’ll vanish completely.In August, Hurricane Hilary brought a deluge of rain to the United States southwest. The Category 4 storm had weakened considerably before it hit the U.S., and rain was the biggest concern. The precipitation was welcome news for many parched lakes and reservoirs in the region, including Lake Mead, which was bolstered by the influx of water.

However, officials aren’t clear how much longer the lake will remain.’It’s not very common to have a big lake, especially as big as this one got after the remnants of the hurricane came through,’ Nichole Andler, the chief of interpretation and education for the park, said in an AccuWeather report. ‘We don’t know how long it’ll last.’Newsweek reached out to AccuWeather by email for comment.

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