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Catwoman may have been betrayed by one of her allies, but that betrayal gave one villain a chance to prove her loyalty to Gotham’s vigilantes.The Batfamily is one of the biggest groups of vigilantes in comics, but that may actually be their biggest weakness for one very simple reason.Bruce Wayne has been a much better father figure to his Robins…but to the Outsiders, he’s still the cold, perfectionist detective.

Bruce has been fighting crime for decades, long before he even became Batman but along the way, he seems to become a hypocrite due to the Batfamily.The role of Batgirl doesn’t belong to one person and an alternate version of the character proves why DC’s first Black Batgirl deserves to come back.Many members of the Bat-Family have struggled to form a found family after venturing out on their own, but Damian Wayne didn’t have this problem.

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