Ask the experts from ‘Cheap Old Houses’ how to rescue a fixer-upper

<p>Ask the experts from ‘Cheap Old Houses’ how to rescue a fixer-upper</p><p></p><p>Elizabeth and Ethan Finkelstein of “Cheap Old Houses” join Jura Koncius to take reader questions about rescuing fixer-uppers.</p><p>. Their efforts to uncover 100-year-old homes across the country on the market for around $100,000 (or a bit more) have attracted more than 2.5 million followers. Now,,” highlights bungalows, ranches and Victorians that have been rescued. Ask them about where to find good buys on homes, how to begin a project and how to find old house parts.— answer your decorating, decluttering, design, entertaining and home-keeping questions. For more than 20 years, our live chat has hosted conversations about how to make your home comfortable, stylish, organized and fun.The box now allows you to upload a photo of your home. Please note that any photo you upload will be subject to The Washington Post’s, including certifying that you have the right to post the photo. If you have suggestions for live chat topics, please email me at</p>