Americans are still putting way too much food into landfills. Local officials seek EPA’s help

More than one-third of the food produced in the U.S. is never eaten. Much of it ends up in landfills, where it generates tons of methane that hastens climate change. That’s why more than 50 local officials signed onto a letter Tuesday calling on the Environmental Protection Agency to help municipal governments cut food waste in their communities.

Researchers say households are responsible for at least 40% of food waste in the U.S. It’s a more urgent problem than ever, said Weslynne Ashton, a professor of environmental management and sustainability at the Illinois Institute of Technology who was not involved with the EPA reports. Americans have been conditioned to expect abundance at grocery stores and on their plates, and it’s expensive to pull all that food out of the waste stream.

Americans are still putting way too much food into landfills. Local officials seek EPA’s helpA pair of recent reports from the Environmental Protection Agency put striking numbers on America’s problem with food waste. One-third of the food produced in the U.S. is never eaten, and 58% of planet-warming methane emitted from U.S. landfills comes from decomposing food. Read more ⮕

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