10 K-Dramas That Ended Way Too Soon

Summary SCREENRANT VIDEO OF THE DAY SCROLL TO CONTINUE WITH CONTENT K-dramas have begun to see global appreciation for their compelling narratives and engaging stories, but some of those stories have ended far too soon. Dramas such as Squid Game, Business Proposal, and D.P. have reached international audiences and propelled the genre into the spotlight. Part of what make K-dramas so popular is their length. Most K-dramas are only 16 episodes long, making them easy to binge.

With streaming services such as Netflix adding Korean dramas to their rotation of shows, the genre will only grow in popularity. The attention K-dramas are getting around the world, however, has led to criticism of certain dramas. Many K-dramas have been cut short or canceled due to backlash from viewers. Shows that were lauded as they were airing fell victim to criticism when their endings didn’t satisfy their stories. Some K-dramas needed at least another season to be properly wrapped up.

9 Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo’s Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo’s was a time travel K-drama following a modern-day woman, Go Ha-jin, who found herself transported back into the Goryeo Dynasty. She became embroiled in political intrigue and fell in love with the cold-hearted fourth prince, Wang So. The ending had Ha-jin finding a way back to the present with Wang So promising to find her again. The audience never saw this, however, as the show simply ended there. headtopics.com

8 Joseon Exorcist Joseon Exorcist never got an ending, as the show was canceled two episodes in due to backlash from audiences. The show was supposed to be an alternative historical drama following the rulers of Joseon as they fought and exorcised demons that were plaguing the kingdom. While the show was meant to be an alternative history, it was still supposed to be accurate as the main characters, King Taejong and his sons, were real figures in Korean history.

7 Cheese in the Trap A K-drama based on a webtoon, Cheese in the Trap was the story of two university students, Hong Seol and Yoo Jung, who entered into a relationship despite their many differences. Jung’s characterization as a manipulative heir didn’t make him a likable romantic partner for Hong Seol, who was attending university on a scholarship. An unexplained time jump occurred at the end after the couple broke off their relationship due to an accident driving them apart. headtopics.com

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