10 Incredibly Pointless Uses Of CGI In Movies (That Didn’t Work)

Summary SCREENRANT VIDEO OF THE DAY SCROLL TO CONTINUE WITH CONTENT CGI can be a useful tool in movie making, but sometimes it’s completely pointless, and hurts the movie instead of helping. The use of CGI is an art form, and when used correctly can add a lot to a production. Unfortunately, there are some cases where there was no good reason to add, or tweak, CGI on screen. Just because the technology exists, doesn’t mean it should be used.

Using CGI to “fix” something in post is easier said than done. Sometimes, this solution goes off without a hitch, and audiences are shocked to learn something they thought was all too real was actually CGI. On the other hand, CGI faux pas have created many scenes that are the laughingstock of a movie or franchise. More than one film has been pulled and re-released due to immediate backlash about the quality of the CGI.

9 Darth Vader’s (Lack of) Eyebrows In The 2004 Re-Release Of Star Wars: Episode VI (1983/2004) The 2004 re-release of the original Star Wars trilogy is rife was questionable CGI choices. Lucas wanted to utilize the technology of the time, but this didn’t always go as planned. Recent additions include wider aspect ratios, title changes, Hayden Christensen’s ghost, and the removal of Darth Vader’s eyebrows. headtopics.com

8 Henry Cavill’s “Clean” Shave In Justice League (2017) If audience members had a feeling Henry Cavill’s mouth doesn’t usually look like that, they would be right. When filming on Mission: Impossible – Fallout overlapped with re-shoots for Justice League, Cavill, contractually, could not shave his face. His iconic character in Fallout needed that mustache, and Superman is classically clean-shaven.

7 Daisy The Beagle’s Poop In John Wick (2014) Daisy, the beagle, plays an important role in the first John Wick movie, as with all of John Wick’s dogs. Thankfully, in order to save the doggy actor from any harm, unlike her character, the production couldn’t give her laxatives. Instead of waiting around for nature to call, the movie used CGI to create her poop. This effect reportedly cost $5000. headtopics.com

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